Semalt: Free Website Scraper Tools You Need To Know About

Also known as screen scraping, web scraping is a technique of pulling out data from websites and saving the information in datasheets. Web scraping involves the use of data scraping tools that turns unstructured files on websites into well-structured documents. Around the web, there is the availability of free website scraper tools that readily interact with sites like humans.

In the modern marketing industry, website scraper tools play an integral role to bloggers, website owners, marketers, and webmasters.

Here is a list of favorite free website scraper software that you can easily download and install on your desktop.


Mozenda is a free website scraping tool that easily pulls out data from the web. Mozenda software allows users to download and extract content from websites without necessarily coding. This software has a comprehensive online support staff that offers advice to customers on how to use and installs it to their desktops.

Common Crawl scraper

Common Crawl is one of the free top-ranked scraper software that provides end users with text and metadata extractions. Common Crawl also offers potential clients with structured datasets.

Beautiful Soup

Beautiful Soup is a free website scraper tool designed to extract data rich in XML and HTML languages. Beautiful Soup is a Python library developed software that is installed on the Ubuntu system.

Diffbot software

Diffbot is a software that is commonly used by developers to extract data from sites. Diffbot works by turning a site into an Application Programming Interface.

Easy Web Extract

Easy web extract is a free website scraping software that focuses on visuals. The software uses the HTTP submission form to extract data from sites.


Grabby software helps marketing consultants and developers to scrape email addresses. There is no installation required to use Grabby free website scraper.

ScraperWiki scraper

ScraperWiki is one of the leading scraper software offered for free around the web. Recently, ScraperWiki changed the company's name to QuickCode.


ScrapeHero is a free website scraper tool that turns sites into API. ScrapeHero comprises of a friendly user interface that allows marketers and bloggers to use the software efficiently.

Web Content Extractor

When it comes to web scraping, the software you use tells more about your business skills. This software is free and offers private investors an opportunity to extract data from multiple sources. Web Content Extractor provides users a two-week trial version and money-back guarantee.

Winautomation software

Winautomation is web scraping tool that enables users to automate website based tasks. This software works on Windows operating systems.

Octoparse scraping tool

Octoparse is Windows-based scraping software offered for free on the web. Octoparse turns unstructured data into well-documented files without programming. This software is usually recommended for marketers without programming skills.


If you have been working on automated web data extraction, Connotate is the best software to install on your desktop. Connotate provides users with relevant examples on how to scrape data on websites.

CrawlMonster software

This is the best scraping software for your search engine optimization project. CrawlMonster allows marketers to scan different sites to evaluate a variety of data available on the web.

Web scraping involves turning semi-structured and unstructured data into well-documented files. Web scraping tools allow website owners, bloggers, and marketing consultants to extract different and variety kind of data for both online and offline purposes. Download and install free website scraper designed to meet your needs and specifications.